Jet Scanner. Scan to PDF

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In short

Jet Scanner. Scan to PDF is an app for Android made by IMATAC. This is a great app for friends. It helps to create pdf files.


The batch mode to create PDF files works very well and

It was well worth paying for the pro version

The best scanning program I have found for a cell phone

I recommend this to friends and clients

Fantastic output when photographing documents

Very useful for instant archiving

This app is a fantastic addition to my business toolbox

It saves so much time

Keep going in an awesome direction

I bought the pro version but there are times it crashes

Save your money and look elsewhere for your scanning needs

Little to complicated to navigate the menu and worst

I need to know why is it saying that tjis app is NOT LICENCED

It's worst app that I ever had seen


Jet Scanner Puts the Power of Desktop Scanning into Android Device! A revolutionary new app from the developers at IMATAC harnesses all the capabilities of desktop scanners right onto mobile devices. Clear, sharp images of paper documentation can be quickly replicated, stored and shared within this neat, versatile app. Now, the Jet Scanner app is compatible with high-performance Android devices so that a larger base mobile device users can take advantage of this remarkable technology. Eliminating the extra step of desktop transference, the Jet Scanner app can produce precise images with delineated borders, perspective correction and brightness equalization so that paperwork is easily and accurately reproduced in high quality PDF or JPG format. All document conversion is performed locally on the device and batch capture fires off sharp, multi-page documents quickly. The app allows easy upload to cloud services for archiving or export to any application that supports these types of files. Legible, convenient data management just got faster and simpler. The implications for the average user’s workload are obvious: less paper means less storage and portable, handheld scanning means less cumbersome equipment, less time and more information manageability and versatility. Android smartphone and tablet users already know how much more productivity their mobile devices offer. They can now take that efficiency one-step further by reducing the clutter of paper and the need for stationary desktop devices. The high-definition screens and reliable functionality of Android devices combine with the Jet Scanner application for hassle-free document conversion, archiving and sharing. The intuitive interface on the sharp display provides users with excellent, clear data imagery and transmission so that they can complete their work with less time and aggravation. Features of Jet Scanner for Android _______________________________ • Clear, User-friendly Interface • High Resolution Scans • Sharing Scans in PDF or JPG Format • Precise Automatic and Manual Document Border Detection • Wide Set of Image Processing Templates • Export to Any Application that Supports Image Format The Jet Scanner application is the next progression of the mobile workstation. High-quality reproductions of importation documentation are now possible with the utility of high-speed, responsive Android devices. Reducing paper and frustration is now possible by simply downloading this powerful, innovative app. If you encounter any problem using our application, please contact our technical support at support@imatac.com. Please describe the error in details. All your actions step by step. Make screenshots and send to us. We will be happy to assist, make every effort to solve the problem and correcting errors.

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