Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend

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In short

Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend is a free tap game for Android made by SEEC inc. This is a great app for otome lovers and others. It helps to unlock next story.


A good game to kill time with on your break time

Spectacular graphics and a great time waster

A good game to pass time

A great way to kill time

And a great way to pass the time

And a great time killer

Good cute time killer

Easy to play and good for time killer

A good way to kill time

It was a great way to kill time and the graphics were amazing

I think that is way too messed up to have as an ending

This game contains a rape scene

Even the speech bubbles change according to the different Nao

The normalization of abusive behavior in this game is not cute

Too many ads that pop up and trick you into clicking outside links

He point blank says that he is going to rape you

I couldn't really look at Nao the same way afterwards


Since starting high school, you have seen your childhood friend who has become quiet and plain. However, you haven't spoken to him in a few month... One day, you and he, by chance, were elected as entrants of a beauty contest. "It's going to be fine! Trust me!" You decided to do some special training with him to win the contest! What will he confess to you when he's changed――? Enjoyable factors *Free to download and play! *Since this is an idle game, you can play even in short bursts whenever you have time! *Your decisions will change the course of the story ! Included are four different endings! *Complete all 14 still images and feel your heart-pound! "Jimi-Kare"is a game for you if you like... *Romantic films and love stories. *Shojo manga (girl's comics), dating-sims, Otome (maiden) games or games for girls. *Games that focus on the story line. *Idle games. *To just kill time while gaming *Feeling your heart pound while seeing the love story of you and a good-looking guy or to grin to yourself. *Seeing the scenes or the situations which are full of emotions. *Japanese anime or manga. Translation Kiki(studio SO) 日本語でプレイしたい方へ 本アプリは日本語版(地味なカレと私の事情 ~青春*恋愛*イケメン育成ゲーム~)が公開されています。 「地味カレ」で検索するか、下記URLからどうぞ! -+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Development team's official Twitter account Follow us on Twitter to find more news related to our Apps and limited artworks -+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Required OS version Android 4.2 or later Notes · If you delete the cache or data of the application or uninstall the application itself, all purchased items and playing data in the application will be deleted, so please be forewarned. · Please note that we can not refund purchased items. · In the unlikely event that the application will end, we recommend that you play in a good communication environment. · In order to enjoy this application free of charge, we are procuring management and development costs by advertisement income. Terms and conditions Reporting bugs/Opinions and requests As for reporting of bugs or informing us of your opinions and requests, please send us an email with the title of the App to the email address below. *Please note that although sending emails is available 24/7, if it is sent after 7:00pm on a weekday, Sat, Sun or a Japanese national holiday, our reply will be slower or late. For users who have problems with installation If you have trouble installing the application, please check the following page.

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