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In short

Keep My Notes - Notepad & Memo is a free note pad app for Android created by LiteWhite. It can be recommended to developers. And this is a perfect way to keep notes.


It is a handy app for making lists and notes or reminders

I just needed an app to keep notes and this does the job perfectly

By far the best notes app

Best notes app I've used

I love this app for taking notes and making lists

This app suits my note keeping habits to a tee

Nice App to keep notes

Much better than the last note app I had

It's the best note pad app i have come across

Excellent note taking app that is easy to use

Yet another without MANUAL SORT

Freezes all the time I have to change my notes to another note app

Password hint pops up after too many attempts

The app use to be good now of late can't even type

Not worth a yearly subscription

They sucked for various reasons

I had already uninstalled other apps that didn't help much

Haven't heard anything back from them after a few days

It froze the very moment that I installed it


Easy & simple wordpad that you can use to quickly make notes, as a notes diary or as a private notebook. Features: * Offline notebook that you can use to write on all the notes to remember and research notes without the need for internet connection. * Notepad with lock. You can lock all your private notes with a password. * Notepad with alerts. You can set alarm note reminders for the things to do and the reminder alarms can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. * Notepad with an option to write with hand (Handwrite notepad with drawing). * Audio notes using the voice recorder. * Lock notebooks individually with each private notebook having its own password. * Wordpad document styles : bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and highlight options. * Widget for sticky note reminders & grocery lists. * You can make notes with pics attachments. * Adjust the text font color used for note taking or diary making. * Control the text size used when taking notes. * Exchange your research notes & all the notes that you take or your diary with other apps. * Spell check text of your notebook and diary. * Light theme and dark theme. Choose the theme you are most comfortable with when typing notebooks. * Wordpad with no lines (no lines under the text of your note). * Offline backup and restore of your research notes & all the notes that you take. * Lite wordpad app that opens and loads quickly. * Can be used in portrait mode for android phones and landscape mode for android tablets. * Free note taking app & wordpad for android phones and android tablets. Download it for no charge. Check the frequently asked question section on the website before asking questions: Support page for 'Keep My Notes' :

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