KEGS IIgs Emulator

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In short

KEGS IIgs Emulator is a free Android app developed by James Sanford.


This is the best MAC Emulator

Nice mouse emulation and thanks for the disks included

Like a secondary Operating system

It's a very good emulator and the mouse is just great

Accurate colors and outstanding audio

I love my 75 years old computer so much but this app is amazing


Includes a System 6 disk with shareware games (Based on a WhatIsThe2GS image). Also includes a favorite of mine, FTA's X-MAS Demo. If it doesn't work right on your device please let me know! Usability tips: - Put your own images directly on your SD Card, or in a new folder called "KEGS", or in "Android/data/"- In fullscreen mode without action icons visible, you can tap in the upper right corner to make the action bar visible. Source code available at

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