Learn Spanish for Beginners

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In short

Learn Spanish for Beginners is a free Android app developed by Zeemish Labs. This is a good app to learn spanish beginner.


It is absolutely perfect app for learning Spanish beginner

Perfect teaching techniques of Spanish

Its a great app to learn Spanish

Good for very beginner students to enrich their vocab

This app is so awsome really useful for whole family

Great introduction to Spanish

I love it I'm learning more and more Spanish everyday and I'm only 10

I like how it has all the different categories of life to learn

Thanks for beautiful work

It is a real nice app


Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio, activities and quizzes, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more. CLass 1 : Basics -Alphabets -Alphabets Quiz -Vowels Theory -Vowels Pronunciation -Alphabets Charts -Numbers Theory -Numbers Audio -Numbers Quiz - Noun - Pronoun - Verb - Adjective - Adverb - Preposition - Conjunction - Body Parts - Fruits and Vegetables - Colors - Family Members - Clothes - Profession - Personality - Shops and Places - Frequently Used Spanish Words - Sets of Vocabulary Class 2: Greetings -Study List -Slide Show -English to Spanish Reading Quiz -Spanish to English Reading Quiz -English to Spanish Listening Quiz -Spanish to English Listening Quiz Class 3: Polite Expressions Class 4 : Praise Class 5: Days, Months and Seasons Class 6 : Climate Class 7 : Time Class 8 : Common Questions Class 9 : Directions Class 10 : Instructions Class 11 : Health and Safety Class 12 : Shifts and Pay Class 13 : Around the Office Class 14 : Animals Class 15 : Tools and Equipment Class 16 : Measurement Class 17 : People Class 18 : Crops and Plants Class 19 : Holidays and Sympathies Class 20 : Agriculture Class 21 : Food and Drink Class 22 : Love Class 23 : Physical Appearance Class 24 : Conversation Starters Class 25 : Internet Terms Class 26 : House

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