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In short

Learn Spanish with Babbel is a free learning app for Android created by Babbel. And this is a perfect way to learn language.


This is the best app I have used to learn a language

Very helpful and easy to understand real life dialog

It's a good learning tool

It's really easy and a great way to learn a language

Great way through repitition to learn a language

I completed the whole of the Duolingo course

I recommend using another app

Helpful and informative app to help learn new languages

So its a great tool to learn

So handy to learn in a fun way if you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare

False advertising on google play and on the TV

Another failed attempt to learn Spanish

Then redirects you to a purchase page

I get an error message

Now it doesn't recognize speech input

Don't like because it takes forever for it to get finished installing

It's useless to have it on

Don't even bother to try it

Not Latin American Spanish

This is not a free app


Speak Spanish like you've always wanted to. You don’t sound like a robot when you speak in your mother tongue (no offence to real robots reading this), so why learn Spanish only to talk like one? We want to get you confidently speaking Spanish like you’ve always wanted to, not just memorising a list of words or learning sentences you’ll never use. Give us a go – your first lesson is free! LEARNING SPANISH WITH BABBEL • Whether for school, work or travel, Babbel makes learning Spanish fun and easy for learners of all levels. • Intuitive courses designed by linguistic experts engage you in practical Spanish conversation skills from the very first lesson. • Just a few minutes a day strengthens your Spanish skills. FEATURES • Extensive selection of interactive Spanish courses • Ideal for all levels in Spanish : beginners and advanced learners • 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons that fit in your schedule • Entertaining listening, writing, reading and speaking exercises • Learn spanish vocabulary from a wide range of topics (including travel, culture and business) • Easily graspable Spanish grammar exercises • Speech recognition technology helps pronunciation in Spanish • Review Manager keeps vocabulary in your long-term memory • Learning progress synchronised across all your Android devices and on the web THINGS THAT MAKE US BLUSH Fast Company # 1 Most Innovative Education Company 2016 The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App Awarded Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015 PLEASE NOTE You'll need a Babbel subscription in order to access courses and features. The number of courses offered may vary depending on which display language you use. Choose from four convenient subscription options: One-month subscription for GBP 8.95. Three-month subscription for GBP 17.55. Six-month subscription for GBP 29.70. Twelve-month subscription for GBP 53.40. Your subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled before the end of the current payment period. You can manage or cancel your subscription in your Google Play Store account. --- About Babbel: Learn Spanish flexibly online with the Babbel apps and the website. The courses are divided into bite-sized lessons and offer you a variety of different Spanish courses: beginner, refresher and intermediate courses, grammar, pronunciation, verb training, tongue twisters, courses for vacation and much more. The courses have been developed by experts and improved with years of customer feedback. Interactive Spanish exercises as well as a host of other tools enable you to pinpoint exactly what you need to learn. Fear of speaking? No problem. Thanks to integrated speech recognition, you can rate and practice your Spanish pronunciation. The intelligent review manager presents the vocabulary you've learned in optimal intervals for review. This helps embed what you've learned in your long-term memory. Learning languages on the internet has never been so easy! With Babbel you won't just learn quickly, intuitively and flexibly, but also more affordably than with traditional language courses. You can try the first Spanish lessons online, free of charge, with no obligations. Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch or Indonesian, and communicate with people from all over the world. ----- GET IN TOUCH Any ideas, comments or feedback? Then we’d love to hear it! Email us at YOU CAN ALSO... ...visit us at … like us on Facebook … watch us on YouTube … follow us on Twitter!/babbel ... or on Instagram

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