Monkey Junior: Learn to read English, Spanish&more

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Monkey Junior: Learn to read English, Spanish&more is a free Android app developed by Early Start CO.,LTD. This app is recommended for kids and children. This is a good app to learn foreign language.


So far the best apps for my kids and me

My daughter really enjoys using this app and its easy for her to use

And his letter recognition has improved tremendously

Great for children with down's learning with match

It's a great way to learn a foreign language

Liked the approach and I will consider purchasing complete lessons

Very nice educative and interactive app with excellent graphics

My son loves it and is learning new words

My son loves this app and looking forward to more lessons

This app is great fun


Monkey Junior offers a 1 year homeschool curriculum for kids to learn to read and expand their vocabulary. With a wide range of courses (and growing) in different reading comprehension levels, you will find suitable content and reading activities that suit your child’s current reading skills. Join our community of hundreds of thousands of parents who are using Monkey Junior to teach their children to learn to read. Many of them wrote to us stating that "my baby can read at very early age"thanks to our program. To learn more about our methodologies, please watch our app overview video here Monkey Junior is divided into three reading comprehension levels: easy, medium and advanced. Easy courses teach your kids to read individual words. Medium courses help your little readers to learn to read simple sentences. Advanced courses are suitable to 1st grade readers for enhancing their reading fluency and skills in sentence formation. This homeschool curriculum covers hundreds of different reading topics for kids ranging from things at home, shapes, body parts, toys, actions, fruit and vegetables to wild animals, insect, nature, transportation, occupations, businesses and science and more than 250 different phonics sounds. "My baby can read"always has been a dream for millions of parents and we can help and guide you to achieve that dream. Our homeschool curriculum is developed in collaboration with early education experts/teachers and adopts the sight word approaches proposed by famous researchers, such as Glenn Doman, Shichida and Maria Montessori. Whether you are looking for how to teach your babies/toddlers to read or how to help your kindergarteners or primary schoolers to improve their reading level, this program is perfect for you. It gives your child a super head start in reading and it works great for preschool, kindergarten or early primary school. Our reading program uses sight, sound and touch to keep your child engaged in the whole lesson. The images and interactive videos help to illustrate the words and the sentences to increase their reading comprehension. FEATURES: - Learn phonics and pronunciation - Gain a reading vocabulary of 3000+ sight words in a wide range of topics - Increase your child’s knowledge in many areas. - Learn sight words and sentence formation - Read along as the words are highlighted MULTIPLE PROFILES/LEARNERS - Each child is assigned a suitable level of difficulty depending on his/her reading comprehension level. - Add multiple users and switch between user accounts. - Save and track user progress, app settings at user level. RICH AND HIGH QUALITY CONTENT: - Each course contains approximately a total of 3000+ words, 150 videos, 250 images, 2200 audios and 3 different voices. - A course has approximately 70 lessons. - Lessons are never the same. READING GAMES - Different reading games will reinforce your child’s learning experience. - Reading games are adjusted and customized by the individual’s progress. AWARD SYSTEM - Stickers are awarded after each lesson. NEW CONTENT - A new course is released every month. - New languages are being added. FLASHCARDS - Flashcards can be configured to run in different modes: flashcard (picture + word), only picture, only word, word then picture, picture then word - The flash card interval can be changed from 0.1 second (super fast) to 3 seconds (super slow) DOWNLOAD MONKEY JUNIOR NOW TO HELPS YOUR CHILD TO LEARN TO READ! About Us Monkey Junior is developed by Early Start Co. As we specialize in early education, our motto is, “Education starts at birth” and "My baby can read". We believe that education should be joyful and engaging. We have helped many children to become confident early readers, and we can help your kids to be one, too. Support Have questions? We are here to help. Email us at

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