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In short

LineLearner is a free app for Android created by AlldayApps. And this is a perfect way to run lines.


The best tool for learning lines by yourself

This app helped teach my son his school play lines

But the idea is awesome and it's a brilliant tool for drilling lines

Also saves my family from having to run lines with me

A lot of great features for memorizing lines

Fantastic responsiveness

This is simply a great app

Just the best support and comms

And quite simply the best app ever

And support for the minor problem I had was almost instantaneous

The flow to correct a bad line read is pretty error pone and awkward

I had to get a refund

Constantly crashes when trying to import a PDF

Doesn't have an option to delete scripts

Also I'm very confused as to how to load a script

Even prepared to pay again but it's not working

Seems like a strange oversight

The android version is terrible in comparison to the iPhone one

And now I can't get it to work at all

It does not parse it like Script Rehearser


LineLearner helps you to learn lines as quickly and easily as you learn a catchy song. LineLearner enables you to record scenes from plays. It then allows you to listen to the full recording which you learn your part. You can then turn off your part of the recording leaving just the other parts, and the gaps into which you say your lines. You still have a prompt button to remind you of your lines if you forget. You can repeat individual lines, or the whole play at the touch of a button. Used by thousands of actors all over the world, LineLearner helps you to memorize lines really quickly and be off script before you know it. Version 6 of LineLearner is a complete rewrite from the ground up featuring many new features, and a new screen design. "With LineLearner I can memorise my lines before the first rehearsal, so that I can concentrate of my performance, not on reading the script"New features include: Giving lines to characters Sharing scripts with other users on both Android and iOS Splitting recording into Days for filming Rerecord, play and delete from the recording screen Easier editing Adding stage direction Loading script PDFs and many more...

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