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In short is a free Android emoji game developed by This app is recommended for friends and guest people. This is a good app to get fans.


This is a really fun way to live stream and host a group chat

It is cool how you can video chat with your friends

Awesome great way to do the emoji game and all that your fan

I think it is fun because u can group chat your friends u can go live

Its really good because it can help you get fans on musically

I also enjoy talking to my friends on this

And I love to guest people who get on

Ly's Keep Making Great Apps

Ly did an outstanding job

Omg this was the best app that was ever made

When u guest people it's SUPER LAGGY

It has no option like settings or set a profile picture etc


It's basically a hub for paedophiles to hit on underage girls

This is a boring game I Can't hear nobody and no one Gets on my liv

If you dont have musically it wont work

It just goes home and I try to do it and it wont

It could use an update and it never lets me gusse people

Description is a new live video streaming platform created by You can start a to broadcast to your fans and friends, and have real-time interactions... You can: - Broadcast a particular moment (e.g. during a trip) to your real-world friends - Show your talent or share experience to the community - Engage with your fans in real time

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