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In short

MediaMonkey Pro is an Android music app from Ventis Media, Inc. It is a great way to synce music.


Fantastic music player

Great options and you can sync with your Windows media

Really good software for syncing music from comp to phone

Wireless Sync works great

Love the player and the sync functions

Great music app I've tried a lot and this is the best by far

Easy to manage my music library and build playlists

And the Android app is working well for me so far

Glad to see the phone support is finall useful

Bt nyc app and enjoying it

I'm surprised that chronological isn't the default sort option

After usb sync was continually failing

Can't sync with android version

Impossible to see how to select which music to sync

This app worked fine for several months now it never syncs correctly

And yet fails to sync metadata back to the server

Album art goes missing and playlists don't work well

Has rendered my entire collection unplayable

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times

Writing to support results in few and useless replies


Accept no substitute. MediaMonkey is the music manager for serious collectors. MediaMonkey Pro unlocks the following extras: •  Wi-Fi Sync : wirelessly sync your device's library (incl. ratings, play history, volume levels, etc.) with your Windows PC •  UPnP/DLNA : play / download content from UPnP/DLNA servers •  Folder browsing : navigate your library using the device's physical file hierarchy •  Configurable home screen : customize what content appears on the home screen And more... MediaMonkey Pro acts as a license to unlock these features in the free MediaMonkey app, and removes the 15-day trial limit for individual builds of MediaMonkey Beta. You will need to install MediaMonkey or MediaMonkey Beta first. Thanks for supporting the ongoing development of MediaMonkey!

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