Memento PRO License Key

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In short

Memento PRO License Key is an Android database app from LuckyDroid. It is a great way to build quick database.


Works like a charm and syncing with Google docs is a big plus

Great customization possibilities

Bit of a learning curve but amazing when learning is complete

Worth the money for the pro version

This is literally the best app I have ever used

Easy to build a quick database on the fly

This is the best app I came across

Best database app on the past store

Verry Flexible and Versatile

It's fantastic and turned my mobile devices into cash cows

Also can not sync to google docs no matter what I try

If u need to sync its not worth the upgrade


My AVG antivirus just flagged the app as Malware

The Earlier version has a little bit Slow to Hang Problems

Cannot backup to Dropbox

Keeps saying wrong username and password

Cant finish installation

Cannot backup to SD card

Once again the database seriously corrupted entries dates and fields


The PRO License Key unlocks all of the pro features of the Memento Database. Requires Memento Database be installed separately. Install this PRO key and then exit and restart the Memento Database. ATTENTION!!! You do not need to enter an activation key. Your copy of Memento automatically updates on the PRO version. PRO version features: * No advertising; * Unlimited number of libraries that can be synchronized with Google Sheets; * Unlimited number of protected libraries. * Unlimited number of graphs. * One entry field may contain multiple number of objects (images, files, contacts, coordinates, etc.). * All database-related files (images) are backed up. =================================== Memento Database is a highly flexible and customizable personal database management tool. Main features * Storing entries with custom fields; * Sorting, grouping and filtering entries by any fields; * Memento can display your data in form of a list, table, on a map, and even in a calendar; * Synchronization with Google Sheets; * 19 types of fields: – text, integer, boolean, date/time, rating, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, Google Maps coordinate and others; * Many-to-many relationship between entries; * Importing and exporting CSV-files / Excel; * Password protection (encrypt entries using AES-128); * Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area; * Mass calculations (aggregation): sum, maximum, minimum, average; * Reminders; * Backing up and restoring data; * Sending entries via SMS, e-mail, and other available services; * Barcode scanner, creating entries with data and images retrieved from Amazon; * Search entries in database by barcode. * Any entry in Memento can be published and made available to your friends or worldwide; * Online catalog of library templates. Over 3000 templates available; * You can keeping track of everything.

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