Metapod - Podcast Manager

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In short

Metapod - Podcast Manager is an Android podcast app from Podmux.


Very good podcast app

And the ability to save and reload all your podcast subscriptions

Very good podcast player

And great customization options

Great app that's can interest anyone no matter what you're into

A responsive developer

Program refuses to run if you deny it access to the phone


Metapod keeps it simple: subscribe, download, listen. But it also offers powerful configuration options for nearly all functions so you can customize it to your needs. Metapod features include: * No advertisement, no analytics, no data mining - Just a podcast app that works. * Excellent support, fast responses and quick fix turnarounds. * Prioritize podcast playback - Lets you listen to your daily Podcasts before your weekly ones. * Easily search and find your podcast episodes. * Per-Channel settings - lets you override the app's general settings so * Large buttons for easy media controls in the car or during exercise. * Auto-prune - lets you configure how many downloaded episodes you should keep, and delete oldest podcasts. * Sort your playlist on priority, date published or randomly. * Set playback speed. * Bluetooth media controls. * Stream or download episodes. * Auto-download new episodes. * Configure to update and download only if charging or on WIFI. * Resume where you left off, delete after listening. * Podcast channel search, top rankings, browse categories and manual RSS feed subscription. * Create local podcasts from files on your device, useful for audio books and course material. * Subscribe to secure podcast feeds that require user names and passwords. * Continuous play options. * Import and export subscriptions in OPML format. * Background update service, can update at a specific time or periodically. * Update and download on wifi only, while charging or anytime.

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