Midnight Castle: Hidden Object

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In short

Midnight Castle: Hidden Object is a free objects game for Android created by Big Fish Games. And this is a perfect way to update self.


Some tasks are long but I really enjoy playing the game

It's mysterious fantastic and great hidden object game

Absolutely the best hidden objects game I've played so far

One of my favorite hidden object games

Midnight Castle has great graphics and a fantastic story line

Love the way it keeps updating it self so it keeps your interest

One of the best games from Big Fish

I love playing the game

A fun story to follow

Great graphics and so far the story flows greatly

Constantly repeating the same thing

It will download then it said download new update and won't let me


Beyond the gates of a mysterious castle lies a story rich with puzzles, thrilling secrets, and a hidden object maze for your tablet! Use each hidden object you find on the castle grounds to craft exquisite relics, secret potions, and poisons! Craft as many as you can and be rewarded each time! From the beautiful royalty to menacing dragons and trolls, experience a secret world of wonder, discover each unique hidden object, and solve every puzzle! Start playing Midnight Castle on your tablet today! • Play for free on your tablet and other devices! Solve puzzles! • Stunning visuals, hidden objects, and spooky characters! • Craft incredible items to help you on your quests! • Enjoy the fantasy & secrets with your friends! • Beautiful game play, especially on Google tablets! Sign up now for our newsletter and never miss a new release or great deal again: *** Discover more from Big Fish Games*** Search for “Big Fish Games” in Google Play, or look for these specific titles! • Big Fish Casino • Fairway Solitaire • Fairway Solitaire Blast Visit Big Fish Games, a leading developer, producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual, card & and casino games for tablet and other mobile devices. VISIT US: WATCH US: TALK TO US: FOLLOW US:

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