Mine Quest 2 - Mining RPG

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In short

Mine Quest 2 - Mining RPG is a free Android app developed by Tapps - Top Apps and Games.


Fantastic progressive mining rpg

And a good time waster

Good time killer easy to pick up play where you left off

Its a great easy and very cheap game for mindless leving fun

Almost like Diablo III

Has very relaxing similar elements to Minecraft

It keeps you interested also it makes progress easier then most RPGs

Fun and smooth gameplay

Highly recommended for every RPG lover out there

Keep up the amazing work

These are all 30 sec ads

Too disorganized in the weapon armor area

It just seems completely random from the fire bats

The whole energy to play system is quite stupid

Automatically opens google play to promote games

Don't mind ads to get me something but not forced on me

Ads to load the game

Video playback error or blank page

Other times the ad just doesn't work right

Its Basically Pay to win or even to play it


Dig into the epic world of Mine Quest and explore a land full of mysteries and challenges! Delve into unscathed mines packed with monsters in your hunt after materials to craft and upgrade legendary gear. From the creators of the award-winning mining RPG Mine Quest comes a mind-blowing new adventure! Become a fearless dwarf in a quest to uncover an incredible world digging up the subterranean and looting its treasures. Dig through the underground to find the hidden blueprints that will aid you in crafting legendary items and weapons. Raid mines, unlock treasures buried deep inside them and fight monsters and bosses that will crawl through the rocks to guard the valuable resources you are trying to steal. Explore this mythical place and go on a digging spree with Mine Quest 2! HIGHLIGHTS • EXPLORE a fantastic world of mines and danger • DISCOVER and CRAFT items such as pickaxes, armors and weapons • BATTLE your enemies in a vast number of CHALLENGES and take their loot • Use TACTIC and STRATEGY to beat creatures willing to put an end to your adventure • COLLECT materials and CRAFT powerful gear • UPGRADE and EVOLVE your equipment and become invincible Download now and start exploring! Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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