Mini Piano

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In short

Mini Piano is a free app for Android created by nullapp. And this is a perfect way to play song.


Learned how to play piano on this app now I play on my real piano

I liked it fun to play with and it he's you now to play a song

Its awesome coz I fooled my friends

Horrible it doesn't work piano tiles 2 is much better than this

Play songs doesn't work for my Samsung galaxy core prime


Mini Piano is the easiest way to play piano - you can play with your eyes closed. Just tap anywhere on the piano to play the next note or notes in the song. All you have to do is to handle the timing. You can play fast or slow. You can even learn how to play cool and popular songs! Mini Piano comes with free songs such as: Amazing Grace, Alouette, Bad Romance, Hallelujah, Just Give Me a Reason, Numb, Let Her Go, Try and many more. Play songs from different artists. It's fun, it's magical, it's FREE!

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