Movie Collection Unlocker

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In short

Movie Collection Unlocker is an Android storage app from olbuappdev. It is suitable for families. It is a great way to unlock features.


It makes managing my collection simple and efficient

This is the bests Movie Collection I've found so far

30 for an awesome movie collection app

Love the collection feature

Im happy with movie collection

But this the best well worth the price to unlock all the features

I'm convinced that it will be very helpful for families

Well worth the cheap price to unlock all features

I like everything except the barcode scanner

The best storage app I have found

This makes it very slow to add everything

The bar code scanner wont focus at all

Today I went to add movies to my list and the app is all screwed up


The "Movie Collection Unlocker"is required to unlock all features of the 'Movie Collection' application. This application has no functionality without the main application 'Movie Collection'. Please download the "Movie Collection"app from Play Store to be able to use the full functionality. This application is not visible in the application overview of Android. This main application 'Movie Collection' helps you to collect and manage all your movies. You can add movies to the local database and load detailed informations and posters from themoviedb.org. The following features are available in the main application: • detailed informations to motion pictures like movie description, actors, cover, runtime, director ... • detailed informations to TV shows with season and episode support (You must create a new list of type "TV shows"in list manager to be able to add TV shows.) • watch trailers in the YouTube app. • adding of movies/tv shows and search by title / keyword • search a movie by scanning the barcode (fast in app barcode scanner. No other application necessary). • add your own/private movies with self written descriptions or own covers. • mark movies/tv show seasons as borrowed. • Full-fledged list management (create your own lists and so many you want (e.g. separate lists for movies, TV shows, music, a wish list and so on.) • move/copy movies between lists. • list view and a tile view. • customizable cover size in list view and in tile view. • great look and feel. • Light and Dark theme. • different order and filter options. • mark movies as seen with a time stamp. • search in a list. • Full-fledged Backup-Manager to save and to restore the database (Export/Import in different formats: binary/XML) • save backups on external storage/SD-card. Upload backups into the cloud (Dropbox/Box/Google-Drive) or share it with your friends via email etc. • show covers/backdrops in full screen. • jump directly to the IMDB application or the web site. • no registration necessary. • fully compatible to Android 3.0 "Honeycomb"

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