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In short

Music Folder Player Free is a free music player app for Android created by ZorillaSoft. And this is a perfect way to use sleep timer.


Love the ability to use sleep timer

Great for customizing album art

Great music player app

Pretty good app for playing songs from organised folders

Best n easy to use app

Nice equalizer options

Easy to use and great sound

Great for audio books

Excellent sound and plays most known formats

Best player for me more than many years

Shame it doesn't work on Android auto though

I'm not sure if its the app disbehaving or my stupid new phone


Music Folder Player was made for people who don't like to see music displayed based on artist, album, track or playlists. If you prefer organizing your audio tracks in folder this may be the right player for you. Besides that it comes with a lot of unique features. • Material Design • Resume where you left. Stores for each folder where you left • Show folders as a 'flat' list if you have a small collection • Show folder hierarchy like in a file manager for larger collections • Virtual folder with your favorite songs • Playlists • Four configurable seek buttons. Very useful for seeking in podcasts or audio books • Equalizer: - 4 customizable settings - 8 predefined settings like Bass Booster, Vocal Booster and Party setting • Virtual room and reverb effect • Speed control with pitch correction (OS 4.2+) Increase or decrease the playback speed of your podcasts or audio books. Speed control is not suitable for music. Please watch the video: • Pre-amplifyer: Increase the volume of audio which was recorded with a low level. (OS 4.2+) • 432 Hz playback mode. Please read this article for details: (OS 4.2+) • Car/Sports mode with big buttons • Change volume and balance with two finger gesture. Video: • Undo function: Undo actions if you accidentally touch a button or select another track • Shuffle and repeat options (long tap on play/pause button) • Delete and rename files (long tap on file) • Sleep timer • Headset button control (double and triple clicks) • Search for files and folder • Share files Note: Since there are recently some complaints in the review section: This app is an audio PLAYER, not a DOWNLOADER. If you search for an app to download new music, this app is NOT suitable for you. This player just handles audio files which are already on your device. Don't worry about 'adware' warnings of some antivirus scanners. Of course the player is not a virus. This is just because the player shows advertisements. The full version is not affected by that. Facebook: Permissions: Please take a look at the F.A.Q section on my homepage:

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