Not Not - A Brain-Buster

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In short

Not Not - A Brain-Buster is a free Android puzzle strategy game from Altshift. It is suitable for friends and children. It is a great way to pass time.


A great puzzle strategy game

A good brain exercise

A unique way to train your brain

I would definitely recommend it to my friends

Nice game for passing your time

Absolute brain buster for sure

Brilliant game It checks one's concentration loved it

It's a simple but genius game

It's a good brain teaser

Also random victory dances woyld be awesome

U feel so stupid when u fails to do such simple task

Killed multiple times but every single time it fails

I don't mind the banner ads but the video ads are horrible

Can't get passed the title screen

Stop ruining the game with ads

I could not even select the play button or anything on the screen

Couldn't get the app to work on my phone

I was not able to play the game

Developers are too greedy for a very basic puzzle game

I could not go pass the start screen


Ready to push the limits of your Brain? Not Not puzzle game is the ultimate brain-busting challenge based on logic and orientation. Follow the written instructions to swipe your character towards the correct direction (up, down, left or right) and victory. As you reach higher levels in the game, increasingly complex and varied instructions will require use of both your logic and dexterity for you to succeed. And sorry (not really) for any mental inconvenience this may cause :) Two game modes are available: - in the classic mode, discover a new concept on each level! - in the challenge mode, go as far as possible following more and more complex instructions * NotNot last version includes a color blind accessibility mode.

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