Out of Milk Pro

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In short

Out of Milk Pro is a free grocery shopping app for Android made by Capigami, Inc. It helps to do shopping.


Who needs Recipe Book and Local Grocery Deals

It has really helped when my husband happens to do the shopping

I do not normally complain but this WAS a GREAT app

IT WAS a Great App that I could not do without before

Best grocery shopping app out there that I've found

This is the best grocery shopping app out there

Able to scan to add to grocery list and a pantry list

Then you will have the perfect app for grocery shopping

Grocery lists and scanning grocery prices is soooo important

This was an invaluable app for household use

New update ruined the to do list function

Do not buy the pro version unless you read that it has been fixed

Now there is no way to edit or sort the history file

Unable to sort Categories

PLEASE allow those of us who want to revert to old version to do so

This change is crap grrr make it do what it did before

Customer service advised to log out then log back in to force sync

This was a great app but now I do not recommend it to anyone

Do not bother installing this

Used to love the app but many glitches from issues with sync


Upgrade to Out of Milk Pro and help support the development of Out of Milk: the most popular and easiest-to-use Shopping List, To-Do List, and Pantry List app for Android! Note: Out of Milk Pro does not contain any new or additional functionality from the free-to-use Out of Milk app. If you have enjoyed using the free Out of Milk application and would like to support ongoing development, please consider purchasing this upgrade. All funds from the upgrade will be used for new feature development, service and product improvements, and keeping Out of Milk ad-free for our users. Note: Out of Milk Pro is not a standalone application. You must have the latest version (v5.1.4 and up) of the free-to-use Out of Milk app installed on your phone. Out of Milk Pro is a very small application and will not show up in your app drawer, it is merely a license. Out of Milk Download: -- Out of Milk Features -- Out of Milk ships out of the box (for free) with the following features: * Multiple Shopping Lists * Share lists in real-time with friends and family * Scan or manually enter items in your Shopping Lists * Plan grocery list * Shopping List History remembers items * A To-Do List to keep track of all your tasks * Pantry Lists let you inventory anything so you always know what's in your pantry * Send lists by text or email * Move or copy items between Shopping List and Pantry Lists * Displays grand total on your Shopping List * View history items while editing a Shopping List item * Mark items in your Shopping List as tax-free. Out of Milk will also remember your choice for future reference.

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