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In short

Package Disabler Pro+ Samsung is an app for Android made by policedeveloper. This is a great app for devs and friends. It helps to free up resources.


Saves me having to root and trip knox

Best part the support team takes efforts to resolve the issues

Developed has great customer service as well

Application is great works flawlessly on my Samsung devices

Really great customer service

With great devs and a great customer support

I liked costumer support and app

Awesome way to free up resources on my note 5 without rooting

Fantastic customer support

Great job to the devs

The other app was removed from play store

Don't buy if your looking to disable OTA updates

So they refused to honour their refund offer

Crashes on my S7 Edge whenever I try to open app

Not responding my request for refunding the old app

You cannot disable any Samsung app

Clearly says dev will refund due to Google's removal issue

Installed it and when I run it it just says license activation

Stuck on license verification

Refund option is not showing


***This application works only on Samsung devices *** NOTE: Both Package Disabler Pro+ and Package Disabler Pro has the same package disabling features. Package disabler pro + is a premium version that has additional features to lock down hardware keys. These features can be accessed by clicking the premium button on the bottom of the screen. **NO ROOTING REQUIRED. IT MAY NOT WORK ON ROOTED DEVICE. KEY FEATURES: - 100+ Bloatwares can be safely disabled - Device performance improves dramatically as only fewer processes run on the system - Battery life is improved by disabling battery draining apps - Helps to lockdown hardware keys - Once click "Gear VR service"disabling to use cardboard apps on gear VR - S-Voice can be disabled - Password protection for package disabler Disclaimer * We cannot be held responsible for any damage you may cause by disabling apps that are not listed as bloatwares * Removing critical packages can cause your phone to malfunction. Be sure to ONLY delete apps you know for certain aren't needed * Always have backups of your device. * If you have any questions regarding using Package Disabler, you're advised to contact service@packagedisabler.com

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