Paper Dungeons

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In short

Paper Dungeons is an Android app developed by Agent Mega.


If you are a fan of tabletop RPGs you will dig this

But other than that and a few minor bugs its a great game

Absolutely amazing game

Fun hard to get going though

Nice gameplay though

It is neither clear how to start the game

It crashes at the home screen every time

This is a terrible waste of the initial experience

Save game then load and all items are gone and game freezes

First time just crashed out

Then first move crashed again


Paper Dungeons is a fantasy board-game boosted by online content. With the ability to create and share online your own levels, you are up for an infinite replay value! The game is visualized as a classic tabletop board-game with dice and tokens. You can destroy walls and auto-heal as you uncover new dungeon tiles, which widens your choice of moves. Paper Dungeons already features 4 SINGLE PLAYER MODES, each with a different gameplay: Boardgame mode: Begin each dungeon as a new board from a long adventure set: every new dungeon, your character resets to level 1, but fortunately you keep your inventory. Unexplored parts of the dungeons are hidden by a fog of war. Monsters and items are placed at random, combats based on your statistics and dice rolls. Mitigate the combat’s result with a 2d6 (one for damages and the other for effects). Favor one attribute when you level up. Unlock and collect sets of dice (common/uncommon/rare/epic), but beware! Monsters use their own too. An awareness system makes the monsters move towards you if you are in their line of sight. Dig up the walls to flee, at the cost of some precious health... Campaign mode: This new mode allows you to play a fully-fledged adventure with up to 10 dungeons linked together by an introduction, dialogs between dungeons and a conclusion. Your character doesn't reset and keeps his inventory between dungeons. Rogue mode: Your character doesn't reset at each new dungeon and keeps leveling up until you meet your demise. What will remain is your name in the Hall of Fame and more powerful sets of dice that you can use in your next Rogue run. Puzzle mode: Tricky levels with no place for luck. No fog of war: the dungeon's layout (mobs and items) is shown. Monsters are static and won't move towards you. Strategize all your moves to ensure victory. Also available: - A MAP EDITOR, to create your own dungeons and publish them online. - A CAMPAIGN EDITOR, to tell your own story and post it online. - ONLINE LEVELS feature, to play user's created content in Adventure or Puzzle modes. - A CODEX, listing all elements of the game. - A VOID (higher) difficulty with alternate color for the monsters. Features: - Supports high resolution with native 1080p graphics. - Big campaign of 125 Adventure levels and 31 Puzzle levels. - 5 character classes (warrior/archer/priest/mage/thief), male and female, each with a unique gameplay. - Dozens of different dice sets to improve your character. - 80+ monster types. - More than 50 unique pieces of equipment, 30 scrolls and 8 potions. - 4 different starting zones, each with specific monsters and bosses, 3 sizes of dungeon and special boss stages. - 3 zoom levels.

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