pCars Dash

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In short

pCars Dash is an Android app developed by Pocket Playground. This is a good app to tweak tuning.


Terrific addition to the Project Cars on PS4 experience

I use the for project cars for the Xbox one and it really works well

Great app for anyone who plays project cars

It works great with Project CARS and pairing it was super easy

Great app that helped me set up my cars

Just started using this app and love the ease of use

And helps to tweak tuning

The live map tracking is amazing

Just wish it had a boost gauge

It's worth every penny if you're a console sim racer like me

And no customization options make this one just OK

Slower since I stopped using the telemetry reader


Do you just love your racing or want to improve your driving? pCars Dash is the must have 3rd party companion telemetry app for Project Cars. Get the advantage over your opposition by knowing exactly whats going on with your car at all times. Don't know if your brake bias too far forward to too far backwards? pCars Dash will show you which wheels are locking up under heavy braking allowing you to optimize your brake bias and therefore your braking power. Every liter of fuel adds extra weight and costs you time, not sure how much fuel you need for a race? pCars Dash provides live fuel usage statistics so you can see exactly how many liters you need to put in your tank for each racing lap. Want more? pCars Dash features real-time vehicle telemetry of crucial vehicle data. Designed by a former race car driver it includes graphing of rpm, speed, gear, throttle and brake position per lap and a lap chart system including sector by sector breakdown. There is also a live map showing you and all competitors and your positions in the race and on track, a HUD and one of the most important things, a dedicated race page showing you critical fuel, tire (wear/temps), brake (temps), damage and lap timing, a must have for any racer. Note: This app now supports the PC, XBox1 and PS4 editions of Project CARS. Project CARS patch v7.0 is required to use the XBox1 and PS4 compatible telemetry stream.

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