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In short

PixelPhone Pro is an Android phone app developed by PixelRush. This is a good app to make calls.


Makes a nice CALLER ID

Best phone app out there

Best dialer great search in dialer much better then any stock dialer

More themes and a favorites widget would be nice

I use this app everyday for making calls

Real solid build and a definite download and purchase

Best dialer and contact manager for Android

Really useful and user friendly app

This one is the best replacement of many I've tested

Easy and straightforward to use and supports dual SIM in an easy way

Disappointed in call record quality

Dual sim default settings not working after marshmallow update

It's not worth the extra money for the pro version

I am not able to access the settings menu

I can't activate dual sim stuff and more

The app is not compatible with Marshmallow on Sony Xperia Z3 Dual

I have written a mail to the support team but did not get any reply

Vibra feedback does not work in Galaxy S6

But on Marshmallow it goes into a redial loop and does not function

Since marshmallow update it sucks


PixelPhone is a smart dialer & contacts manager. With years of development, PixelPhone grows to be an app with high flexibility, various themes, easy-to-use, dual SIM-card, anti-spam and some other awesome features. This year,we invest more on research, bringing easy and convenient calling experience. Full description: - Call recording:Record any call you want to save( just for pro version) - Easy-to-use launch and go:quick search and fast dial by using best QWERTY & T9 dialer; - Fully customized interface: DIY font size, photos size, colors of themes and sim card(mobile telephone,SIM-card,calls,dialer,caller); - Various themes: various theme plug-ins that can be downloaded for free - Dual mobile phone SIM-card: allows up to 3 SIM cards;Auto selection of mobile phone SIM-card based on rules (mobile phone mask and contacts) - Quick dial Support: Swipe for call or message ;speed dial 1-999 - Blacklist: Block unwanted calls and Harassing calls reported! - Caller ID available :Track caller location CAUTION: - For emergency calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone uses the original mobile contact app which is better not to uninstall/disable. Test calling emergency calls before start using PixelPhone. - Recording calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries, or states. Useful Skills - Long press the call logs or contacts list for more functions - Swipe left dial pad to undo typing - Long press the button of contacts/favorite/# to set your preferences Most Exciting Features - Contacts group management (group message; photo and ringtone modification, organization …) - Customized gestures (swipe left-right to call/message/SIM1/SIM2 …) - Customized multilingual dialer with vibration/audio feedback - Merged call history by date, contacts and call - Concise dial pad - Adjustable dial pad size - Group of frequent contacts and quick dial - Customized frequent operations of contact (call, message, e-mail, location …) - Missed call badge. - Diacritics-insensitive search supported Known Issues - The dual SIM function of some mobile devices doesn’t support CM13 system. We are now working on it and will release hot fix soon. - Consistent notifications of missed call. For Android version above 4.3, you can go to system "Settings"->"Security"->"Notification access", and check “PixelPhone". For others, it is not suggested to root your phone. Acknowledgments Pr*@mail.ru reported and helping us fixing the sony D6633 bug ke*@gmail.com reported and helping us fixing the Asus Zenfone 2 bug mfe*@mfedorov.rureported and helping us fixing the E6883 bug Arq*@gmail.com help us revise Spanish translation Dmi* give us a lot of support and encouragement PixelPhone will continue upholding the user-oriented design concept, bring easy and convenient calling experience to you. Keep in Touch Welcome to Join our G+ Group: https://plus.google.com/communities/115250339784261762878 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoradoPixelPhone Official Website: http://www.felink.com/en/pixelphone.html FAQ: http://www.felink.com/en/faq-home.html Translate PixelPhone to your language:https://crowdin.com/project/dorado-dialer

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