Play Phone for Kids

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In short

Play Phone for Kids is a free app for Android created by BabyFirst. And this is a perfect way to use phone.


She loves the video chat function on the play phone

My son loves the play phone and the play phone 2

This app was a lifesaver on a 6hr car ride while he was sick

This is the best way for my brother to learn how to use a phone

What a wonderful app

It is a really cute game and my baby sister loves it

It's a pretty good app for my toddler

This is a very good app

Really cute videos and so easy for him to play with

Keeps my little one a little occupied so I can get a few things done

When my daughter tried to video chat it just closes the whole app

Never opened up videos for chat it kept saying to wait for download

Then the video calls cause it to force close

Stupid add button gets kid stuck

And then to many ads

Every time My son tried to press a button it would freeze

All these adds popping up and she doesn't know what to do with them

To many advertisements


Fun Learning with BabyFirst’s Play Phone for Kids It is of no great revelation that children have an enormous capacity to absorb information, and their learning starts from their most infantile moments. As your children begin to negotiate language and express themselves, they are always looking for new ways to learn, and understand the world around them. With the Play Phone for Kids game you can help your child to learn numbers on a friendly, practical platform. The application allows tots to "make phone calls"with a toy phone to his or her new BabyFirst friends, Tillie, VocabuLarry, Sammy and Blossom as well as “send” emoticons to them. At BabyFirst we understand the importance of keeping learning applicable, relevant and fun. Our Play Phone for Kids gives grown-ups the opportunity to engage the interest of children by using the dial, talk and text functions on this toy phone. BabyFirst’s Play Phone is a kid’s app with a range of benefits: •  Allows your baby to dial numbers and have conversations •  Gives kids the chance to learn numbers 0-9 •  Dozens of animations and sweet sounds •  Encourages coordination •  Visually stimulating and engaging 3 Basic Functions to Further Your Tots Learning •  Dialing - Toddlers and tots can familiarize themselves with the numbers 0-9 with the baby toy phone. •  Phone book - Choose from one of ten favorite BabyFirst characters and share a call. •  Texting - Your baby can send emoticons and get character-based emoticons back. Learning is Fun with BabyFirst The Play Phone for Kids app is perfect for car journeys: your child can talk to their new friends at BabyFirst and learn numbers while you keep your eyes on the road. BabyFirst - a Wealth of Experience with Toddlers BabyFirst is a global TV network for tots, toddlers and parents alike. Created by experts, BabyFirst aims to provide children with the necessary tools to learn language and numbers. To find more trusted kid’s apps from the BabyFirst family search "BF123"in Google Play! And check out our fun & educational videos on YouTube!

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