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In short

Podcast Guru is a free Android podcast app developed by Really Bad Apps.


This application is everything I want from a Podcast App

Perfect user interface

Simply amazing the dev team


Podcasts in 30 seconds or less.. Sometimes in life you just want a simple Podcast app without complex settings and confusing navigation. We've designed this app to install quickly (it's tiny!), so you can find the podcasts you want, and start listening in less than 30 seconds (maybe 10 if you're uber nimble). Our mission with PodcastGuru is simple: Listen to our users, be easy to use, extremely stable, and request only the minimum permissions required for a podcast player. We take pride in our app and want to hear from our users. Have feature requests or bugs? Just shoot us an email and they will go straight to the developers and they will take it from there. Still reading? Well let's talk about features then. Finding a podcast is simple. if you already know what you want just search for it and subscribe. If you're new to the wonderful world of podcasts there are plenty of ways in PodcastGuru to discover awesome podcasts. You can browse trending and popular podcasts, as well as browse through all the popular genres such as Comedy, Business, News, Politics, etc. Managing podcasts is simple. You can view a library of all your subscribed podcasts or a simple list of all the most recent episodes from your favorite podcasts. About to hop on an airplane? Download podcast episodes for offline listening. You can even use this feature to download selected episodes while you're on wifi and save that precious bandwidth for those of you on metered plans. So what content can you listen to with PodcastGuru? This American Life, Serial, TED Radio Hour, NPR Politics, Hardcore History, FreakEnomics Radio, Planet Money, The Tim Ferriss Show, Bill Burr, Rachel Maddow, Mike Rowe, Adam Carolla, The Art Of Manliness, Undiscovered, Dave Ramsey and so much more!! There's an explosions of podcasts out there on every topic you can imagine, so why are you still reading this description? Install PodcastGuru and make that long boring commute something you look forward to!

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