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In short

Podcast Republic - Podcast & Audiobook App is a free Android podcast app developed by Podcast Republic. This is a good app to support team.


Best podcast app I've ever used

The best podcast app I have tried

The best playback speed increase I've found in any podcast app

My favorite podcast app I've ever used

This is my favorite podcast app

Excellent app for podcasts

Love that I'm able to listen to all my favorite podcasts

Love LOVE listening to podcasts daily

Helps managing podcasts automatically

Easily the best podcast player in the market

Apparently making a decent podcast app is impossibly difficult

Podcast apps on iPhones suck

Since a few weeks the podcasts keep stopping on errors

Latest version has broken downloading

Press the download button and nothing happens


Podcast Republic is a high quality podcast app on Android with 2 million downloads and 48,000 reviews! Podcast Republic is all your need for managing and playing your Podcasts, Audio books, and YouTube channels/playlists. Even better, we've added the live radio streaming support! Feature completed and highly customizable. Just download it and enjoy your podcasts on your Android devices. With the syncing feature in the app, you can sync your podcast subscriptions and episode playback states between multiple devices! You can start playing an episode in one device and pick up from where you left in another device. All changes will be synced in real time. Join the community of Podcast Republic for bugs & suggestions: Join our Beta Tester program: Please use the link to get the beta testing version on your device. Thank you! Follow us on Twitter @castrepublic. This is ads supported app. Ads can be removed through in-app purchase. : The Best Podcast Manager for Android : Top 5 Podcast Apps For Android : The 8 Best Podcast Players for Android : The best podcast apps for Android : Featured: Top 10 Podcast Apps for Android Highlights - Audio and video podcast support. Subscribe, browse, and listen to any podcast. Your favorite podcast is just at the tip of your fingers. - Streaming and downloading. Streaming podcasts without the need for a download. Or download them for offline play. - Fully automated download. Just enable the auto download, your new episodes will be downloaded and ready for you. - Offline playback of audio and video, save your data consumption - Multiple playlist support for better organizing your podcast playing - Live radio streaming support - Syncing podcast subscriptions and episode playback states between devices. - Import and export podcast subscription using OPML format - Save download to SD card, free your internal storage. - Multiple language support: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. - Built-in Tablet layout. One app for all screen sizes. - Chromecast support - Android wear support - Android Auto support Built-in Media Player - Plays audio and video podcasts - Support variable playback speed - Stream or play offline - Remembers playback position - Bluetooth support - Sleep timer to stop audio player after you sleep - Features a car mode for easy and quick playback control Download Management - Automatically fetch feeds on a configurable interval - Automatically download new episode - Automatically deletes downloaded podcast that has been listened to Playlist - Multiple playlist support for better organizing your podcast playing. Create as much playlists as you like. - Support audio/video playlist for continuous play - Sortable playlist plus manual drag and sort ability for easy playlist management Customization - Fully configurable. A lot configuration options to meet your specific needs. - Customize skip intervals in the mid of the playback or even skip the beginning of the podcast - Two level settings, global settings and individual podcast settings, to fine tune the settings. - Configurable home screen widget to fit your beautiful wallpaper - Sixteen color themes to select For Mashmallow users: please grant the storage accessing permission. This app need to access the storage to be able to download podcast and cache artworks used.

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