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In short

Podkicker Pro is an Android podcast app developed by qvga. This app is recommended for listeners. This is a good app to use interface.


This is the best podcast app I've found on Android

Best podcast app I've found

I highly recommend this app for listeners of podcasts

Great podcast app that does what it is supposed to

Does everything I want in a podcast app which is to find

And it's my absolut favorite podcasts application

Highly recommend after trying out several other podcast apps

Ditched all other podcast apps in 2013 and still love it

Minimalistic and functional podcast manager

I've tried 3 others and this one has the best user friendly interface

Don't pay for censorship from a podcast app

No way to save podcasts to the sd card either

Also no way to see only downloaded episodes on a podcast

I'm having Playback issues such it looping 15 min sections

Rebooting phone and clearing caches won't work either

So annoying I've stopped using this app

It keeps trying to connect to Chromecast for no reason

Therefore completely unusable using bluetooth headphones or speakers

Ended up switching to pod bean

Even my amazon prime music won't play through my bluetooth devices


Podkicker is one of the most popular podcast managers for android. This is the pro version of podkicker that has NO ADS and will receive new features before everyone else. Minimalistic, fast and efficient Audio and video support. Chromecast support (beta). Flattr integration. Transfer of downloads to dropbox or similar. Dedicated search engine containing 260.000+ podcasts. Automatic downloads and rich notifications. Podcast suggestions based on current subscriptions. Carmode when driving. Sleeptimer. Categories. Frequent updates. If you have problems or feature requests, just drop me an email and we'll figure it out. A quickstart to get you going: The Podcast tab lists the podcasts you currently subscribe to. The Episode tab lists the 200 latest episodes from all your subscriptions. The Downloads tab lists the episodes you have downloaded to your device. The rest should be quite self explanatory.

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