PowerPro: Battery Saver - manage your battery life

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In short

PowerPro: Battery Saver - manage your battery life is a free battery app for Android created by PSafe.


Great battery saver It improve battery life better than other

Great battery saver except ads running in optimize page


Best Battery Saver out there

This is powerful battery saver

A superb app to add quality control of your battery life

This is the best battery app I have downloaded thanks Samsung

My only complaint is the constant request for a 5 star review

This is cool I can lesson to my music all day now great app

It's helped to save the battery life of my phone greatly

This company advertises with fake browser hijacks

No way to shut apps off


PowerPRO delivers more energy to your phone by dealing with two well known battery killers: apps you don't use and your screen. Stop trying dozens of battery savers without real results. The technology you need is embarked in this tiny and powerful app. Features: Quick Optimization: this is PowerPRO's one-tap optimization. The easiest path you have to get more energy anytime you need. Run it several times a day, specially if you're going to use your phone a lot without an energy source nearby. Super Optimization: now you have the ability to turn off any app you want to stop draining your battery. It's like having a power switch to each of the apps installed in your phone. Never let apps you don't use to kill your battery. Save energy for those you want. Screen Optimization: please, do not touch the brightness. PowerPRO's approach is not that trivial. Latest technology allows to turn off a lot of your screen pixels (up to impressive 33% actually) without losing visibility. Install PowerPRO and enjoy (real) battery life extension.

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