Pregnancy Calendar

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In short

Pregnancy Calendar is a free Android app from Vladimir Fedrushkov. It is suitable for pregnant women.


Very useful for pregnant women and the babies dad

Highly recommend to all women expecting a baby

And great insight of all the stages related to baby and mommy weekly

Would certainly recommend it to every pregnant person

It will not allow me to check yes for the terms and conditions


This application will help you learn how to develop your baby during pregnancy. The status of the future mother is also disclosed that it will happen and what you should pay attention. Information issued by weeks of pregnancy. Support of multiple pregnancy to calculate the provisional date of delivery. There are built-in calendar to save notes and events in the system calendar. Additional features:  - Control of weight gain with the construction schedule; - Belly control with the construction schedule;  - Counter perturbations;  - Counter battles;  - Brief advice for newborns. By default, the current day is not included in the last term of pregnancy. If desired, it can be included in "Pregnancy options". The choice of 5 themes: purple, gray, white, pink and blue, "White Summer". Widgets 2x1 and 2x2 sizes. In the widget, you can put 2 pictures option. Thanks for new pictures to the user Peter. ATTENTION! Sometimes trial versions are available with the changes, improvements, fixes. These versions will primarily only available to users of the "Pregnancy Calendar". Joining the group on Google+: or contact the software manufacturer to get involved in testing an application. After that may be available trial version for download from Google Play. Possible problems: - If the tab "The Kid"and "Woman"Black, the settings need to change them on a white background; - Timer in counter fights will show the wrong time when the device is reset. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When installed on a memory card can cause problems with the display of the widget. On some devices, the app is installed, the widget appears in the list only after the reboot. Additional features: - The backup function automatically saves data on weight, belly, and perturbations in files. If you have multiple devices, you can transfer files with backup data to another device. Then, on the other device, the data is restored from the file. In some cases, if the data on the new device is not yet available, the recovery can occur automatically. Interface languages: Russian, English. For questions and suggestions, please contact the developer by e-mail.

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