Price Tracker for Amazon

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In short

Price Tracker for Amazon is a free app for Android made by Technotic Solutions. This is a great app for ppl. It helps to save money.


It is the best App for track any Amazon products

Finally a great app to monitor product prices on amazon

Good app for tracking prices and finding great deals on amazon

Very easy user interface

The interface is very sleek and very user freindly

The interface is very user friendly and very intuitive

99 for the pro version of this app is well worth it

Great way to track wishlist prices

Very easy to track the price from my favorite electronic products

Helps me snag best prices


Price Tracker for Amazon helps to save you money by tracking/checking the prices of your desired items, and alerting you when they drop via lightening fast notifications. Notifications for this Amazon price tracker can either can be set to generate whenever lower prices are detected, or when prices drop to or below a specified target item price. Price Tracker for Amazon offers the ability to track items from the following Amazon sites/locales: • • • • • • • • • • • • This Amazon price tracker includes the following features: • Item Price Tracking • Integrated Browser for fast and easy item searching and importing • Below Target Price Notifications/Alerts • Lower Price Notifications/Alerts • Wishlist Import • Browser Item Share Import • Amazon App Item Share Import • Price Change History • Amazing Product Support Save money. Be Happy. Stop wasting time and money! Download Price Tracker for Amazon today and start saving!!!

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