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In short

ProDeaf Translator is a free translator app for Android made by ProDeaf Tecnologias Assistivas. This is a great app for newbies and people. It helps to learn language.


Keep expanding the word database and keep doing what you all do

This app is great for practicing reading signs and learning new ones

This is a great starter app for newbies like me

It has helped me learn sign language

It is a really helpful tool to help me study for my ASL class

I love this app because it helps me to remember everyday signs

Overall pretty great translator app

Helpful to learn ASL quick and easy

This is a great way to learn the language

This helps me recall the basic words

Im not even going to bother with the rest lol

All it did was finger spell everything or get it wrong

Wants you to spell out many words that there are ASL signing

It does not sign in correct ASL


Translate phrases and words from Portuguese for Brazilian Sign Language (Libras), or English to American Sign Language (ASL). The only one with Dictionary and Translator of Libras and ASL in your pocket, and free! The ProDeaf App was designed and developed with totally Brazilian technology for Tecnologias Assistivas.

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