Regeria Hope Episode 1

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In short

Regeria Hope Episode 1 is a free Android app developed by Golden Game Barn. This is a good app to use brain.


This is a great game I love the story

You have to use your brain and fight for a win in the court

Thanks for great game you make and I'll be waiting for next episode

Though I had a few problems

The case was entertaining enough with an interesting twist

I especially liked that modern touch you gave to

Hope For The Next Case Loved the game play mechanics

A good start Chapter was decent

And almost lifelike characters


Regeria Hope is being Kickstarted right! Please take some time to have a look at it's page: Regeria Hope is a whimsical courtroom visual novel in the style of Phoenix Wright with original characters and cases. You play as Regeria, a female lawyer who can use her powers of logic and reason to prove her clients innocent. It's not all that straightforward though. Sometimes, you may find compelling reasons for throwing a case, forsaking the very defendant you are sworn to protect. These decisions will affect the outcome of the case and will have a ripple effect on later episodes of the series. The first trial has you defending a husband whose wife has been poisoned during the wedding reception. Currently you have the ability to prepare your witness, and interrupt other characters while they are speaking, but be careful, as you have a time limit to solve the case! Featuring Music by Zack Parrish! Featuring Sprite Art by Maesketch! Featuring Background Art by Sendo! Voice Acting by: Rachael Messer (Regeria) Marissa Lenti (Artemis) Dane Doyle (Judge) Rocky Marks (Pharrell) DigglyCerides (Hawk)

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