Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up

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In short

Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up is a free Android app game developed by NGames.


My favorite app game

I finished world 10 and made the Prayer Gate outfit

But can you add more of the chapter pls

It has great graphics and is lots of fun

Beautiful graphics and lots of options

Really is a good game

This game is so much fun

I can't think of a user name that's not used FIX IT

It says failed to download resources

No load screen or anything

Isnt this supposed to be a game for girls

It keeps saying data error

I can't log in using my facebook acc

The confirmation screen wouldn't load

For some reason it said data error

Takes up way too much space

Currently unable to log in through Facebook


Romantic Diary! The first romantic love & dress-up game, which has a Japanese fresh style, creative love system, unique his-and-hers clothes. Composing a sweet love song with your Mr.Right is such a great feeling. Well-known voice artists devote themselves for telling our tender first love. Moreover, various colorful costume matching and customized wardrobes are waiting for you! Becoming a gorgeous princess, and you deserves to be loved! [Popular voice artists join at this] In a tender music, you will hear the sounds of ‘tsundere’ prince, sunny boy or girl, or graceful childe. Feeling the warm aura of these familiar sound and twittering, makes people cannot help turning her face to red and fastening heartbeat. All these gameplay are bringing you a special care. [date your god and found love rules] ‘tsundere’, ’sweet guy’, ’overbearing president’, which do you prefer? To break with traditional love tasks,in our interactive love gameplay, not only can your boyfriends talk to you, also invite you to have a date. The guys in love are both thoughtful and jealous, so sometimes they are god-alike, and sometimes they are neuropathic! [Immersive fantastic journey] The game has different styles of towns such as Pastoral life, casual fashion, oriental lingering charm, or even naturalism, etc. Change your favorite clothes! start your fantastic journey! You will finally meet someone who has a distinct character or mystic status and compose your wonderful love song. [our first love] Couple costumes are personally customized! In the game, all clothing are fine painted. From overall modelling to details or small decorations, none of them are not designed elaborately. Casual Fashion, Ancient costume and kimono, Gothic and Retro Style, Fairy tale dream... All styles are contained, the visual extravaganza is comparable to a top fashion show. [customized exclusive wardrobe] Collect them by yourself, it customized! You can own your exclusive wardrobe. Variety DIY make-up, hundreds of exquisite clothes, and thousands of match style are all available here! Moreover, the Chinese palace, ancient costume, constellation and other different styles are so brilliant in the game. You can also customize your most beautiful wedding dress by yourself, which records the best memories! If you have any questions or advice kindly contact via the following ways: Email: Fanpage: Official site:

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