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In short

RosterBuster - Crew Roster App is a free airline sked app for Android created by 2CloudApps. It can be recommended to airline pilots. And this is a perfect way to view other pilots.


Great app on my Android Nexus 5

Best app for airline pilots

By far the best airline sked app around

Roster Buster is a solid app

I love the Map feature

Easy to upload roster

Also for viewing other pilots' rosters so we can organize trades

Especialmente cuando lo combino con mi calendario personal

No problems at all and it is definately great value for money

Overall pretty good app

RB's Google calendar integration is awful compared to CC

Cannot move past the account screen

No links or contact information to get help setting up an account

This app refuses to run on my Samsung s3

Unable to log in since last bug fix update

It keeps saying I need an internet connection to log back in

Not working and customer support doesn't answer emails

Unable to download my new schedule

Terrible customer support

It should not be this completed to do things


RosterBuster provides and easy to use app which downloads your airline's roster or flight schedule. You can see your duties, who you are flying with, maps of your routes, cool flight statistics, airport indoor maps (80), get the current weather (TAF/METAR/ NOTAM), know your current time-zone and lots more! With your friends you can share your roster! This way we make it easy to keep friends and family up to date and you can organise friend meet-up when your are in the same destination. We convert rosters from airlines and we have experience with the following systems: AIMS, ASL, Aviabit, CAS, CrewDock, CrewConnex, FLICA, KEOPS, Meridian, Merlot, Netline Crewlink, Rainmaker, Sabre, Aircrews, Rocade, TUI Opsman and many more! You can try Roster Buster for free . When you like our product our full subscription offers unlimited amount of roster uploads, link your events to any WebCal enabled calendar, connect unlimited devices and export your data to pilot logbooks. Check our Referral Discount Program which gives you rewards with free months.

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