RoughAnimator - animation app

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In short

RoughAnimator - animation app is an Android android app from WeirdHat. It is suitable for traditional animators. It is a great way to import video.


The most amazing animation app on android by far

So far this is the best Android app for animation

And it has some similar features to professional animating software

I highly recommend it to traditional animators using android

Great for starting animators and easy to use

Amazing work dev team

Also LOVE the ability to import video

But the developer is quick to respond to problems

I like to animate large projects

This is a great animation software

The pressure sensitivity is VERY awkward

I can't even switch between layers to import pics

Ive been trying to get a refund for a while

It tells me unsupported file type

I spent 5 dollars on this crappy app

Even after restarting a clean animation I have the same problem


A fully featured hand drawn animation application for Android. Powerful enough for professional animators, intuitive enough for beginners. Everything you need to create hand drawn animation, wherever you are! Features: - Fully control timing of drawings on timeline - Unlimited layers - Onion skinning - Preview playback - Scrub along timeline - Import audio for lip syncing - Import video for rotoscoping animation - Custom brushes - Supports Galaxy Note S-Pen and other pressure sensitive devices - Control framerate and resolution - Export animation to Quicktime video, GIF, or image sequence - RoughAnimator projects can be imported to Adobe Flash or After Effects - RoughAnimator projects can be exported from Adobe Flash

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