School of Dragons

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In short

School of Dragons is a free dragon game for Android made by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. It helps to play many dragons.


I love the game it is the best how to train your dragon game ever

It is sooooo fun to play so many dragons and new adventures

This is the best app for Android the u can ever get

Great tutorial to learn the ropes

This is the best dragon game that I have ever played

Not bad is asom game I like the new up data you make

And I would recommend this to any dragon lover

This is the best game ever

It's amazing but I wish you could pick your first dragon you get

It has many fun features

Stops loading after the latest update

This company is extremely hard to receive a refund from

The loading symbol is there and will not make any progress

It won't let me make my Viking name and I can't play without it

Wouldn't even start up worst game ever Don't get it

It won't let me enter the stupid cave the update sucks fix it NOW

Wont let you get past the first codex

Such a shame as it was a good game before


Join Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and the rest of the Vikings in School of Dragons, a massive 3D world, where you play in the DreamWorks Animation “How To Train Your Dragon” universe with all your favorite dragons and Viking friends. Raise, train and compete with your dragon — the more you accomplish with your dragon, the faster you will rise through the ranks at the School of Dragons and become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer. Venture with your dragon on quests to the depths of the ocean, corners of Berk, mysteries within hidden caves, and more that will test your Viking’s knowledge and skill. True Vikings fear nothing, and dragons open up a whole new world of never before seen adventures. Experience all the fun and adventure of “How To Train Your Dragon” in a 3D world when you enroll in School of Dragons! Are you ready to own the skies as the Ultimate Dragon Trainer? FEATURES • Embark on challenging quests with familiar friends like Hiccup, Toothless and others from the “How To Train Your Dragon” franchise • Build up your stables and train over 30 dragons! With Toothless, a Stormcutter, Flightmare, and more, you will surely become the ULTIMATE DRAGON TRAINER! • The vast world of Berk beckons you with head-to-head games such as Viking Racing, Fireball shooting, and so much more • Farming and fishing are the basic essentials for any Viking. Manage and style your very own Farm with animals, crops, special contraptions, and décor - Don’t forget to fish the depths of the seas that surround the School. Each area holds new and different species • Create your very own, unique avatar. Pick your own dragon and customize its appearance from a multitude of options • Enrolling in the School will allow you to play with millions of other students all over the world! Socialize with your friends or meet new ones in this fantastic, ever expanding universe • With over 7 different lands to explore, your Viking will find something new every day • Use your tablet to race your dragon against dragon trainers worldwide to win rewards and glory • Gameplay revolves around science – Life, Earth and Physical sciences, and simple machinery. Learning is rooted in the Next Generation Science Standards, one of the first games to employ this • Play on your mobile device, Facebook or computer — SEAMLESSLY. This cross-platform gameplay experience is one of the first of its kind! ** For optimal performance, please close all apps prior to opening School of Dragons. ** ** If you are having issues, please refer to or email: for help! ** ** 2gb of space is needed for the game on your device. ** What people are saying about School of Dragons: * "This amazing world of creativity is loaded with timeless exploration and exciting quests that you will find more than entertaining."- Dragon Games Online * " has both brains and heart wrapped in a non-violent package that will appeal to lots of different people.“ - 4/5 stars Gamezebo Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, French, Korean! Email us at with your suggestions and comments. We love to hear your ideas and feedback! Privacy Policy: Registration information is optional (children under 13 require parent registration). You will be able to be notified of game updates and new features along with integration to our online educational world for kids. PLEASE NOTE: School of Dragons uses in-game currency to unlock game content, customization options and consumables. You can earn them through gameplay or purchase additional in-game coins via your iTunes account. You may lock out the ability to purchase the upgrade by disabling this through your device’s settings.

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