Screen Dimmer

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In short

Screen Dimmer is a free Android dimmer app from Sébastien Morand. It is a great way to use phone.


It also allows you to conserve your battery life

I like it a lot as it really relieve my eye stress

Great for using my phone in the dark

This is one of the best dimmer App I've ever came across

Easy to use interface

Its nice to use and has an easy to use widget

Its very good app for who one using their phone or tablet in the bed

This app is exactly what I've been needing to remedy the problem

Thank you for making this app

Sometimes you want that kinda thing and this app delivers

The disable button backlight does not work on my device

Then a stupid update made the back lite button feature stop working

Screen dimmer is inconsistent

Button dimmer doesn't work

I had to stop using this when it became quirky and unreliable

It makes it nearly impossible to use indoors

It kept turning itself off and on rapidly

Maybe even more permissions


Screen Dimmer enable you to lower the brightness of your phone or tablet more than what you can do by default in order to avoid headache and eye pain in a dark environment or at night. If you own an Amoled screen, this app will even save your battery because black pixels actually turn off on an Amoled screen . It is also scientifically proven that blue radiations can cause insomnia , preserve your sleep by changing the filter's color to red or brown! (pro version only) Its design is simple and appreciable, you can't dislike it! Great notification : click on the brightness icon to stop Screen Dimmer or click on the progress bar to change the filter's opacity. • Functions: - Variable opacity. - Display a notification or not when Screen Dimmer is on. - Scheduling. - Minimize or not the screen's brightness. - Disable buttons' backlight. - Quick launch widget and widget of opacity adjusting. - [PRO] Change the colour of the filter and the widget. - [PRO] Automatically toggle the app with the sunset/rise to use Screen Dimmer at night. - [PRO] Choose the apps to launch when Screen Dimmer starts. - [PRO] Activate the silent mode when Screen Dimmer starts. - [PRO] Do an opacity transition when the launch of Screen Dimmer is scheduled. If you like my app, feel free to rate it and buy the PRO version (in app) to support its development and unlock the pro features! • Permissions : - DRAW OVER OTHER APPS: needed to display the filter over other apps. - RECEIVE BOOT COMPLETED: needed to preserve scheduling over reboots. - COARSE LOCATION: needed by the sun scheduling feature. • Known issues : - When Screen Dimmer is on, you can't install apps manually or allow root access with SuperSu, please disable Screen Dimmer when doing so. - Disabling keys' backlights doesn't work on most Samsung devices. • Tasker support: - sebmorand.brightcom.action.START - sebmorand.brightcom.action.STOP - sebmorand.brightcom.action.TOGGLE - sebmorand.brightcom.action.MORE_OPACITY - sebmorand.brightcom.action.LESS_OPACITY

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