Shouter Pro- The Announcer.

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In short

Shouter Pro- The Announcer. is an Android notification app developed by BHK. This is a good app to solve problem.


Well worth paying for the pro version

Love it so I bought the pro version

Simply the BEST notifications announcer app I have ever tried

Great for Bluetooth headphones

Works great and adds more notification options when headsets are used

Custom settings are convenient

You get very quick response to solve the problem

This is the best notification app

Keeps me informed as to my battery status

I use this out riding through Bluetooth headset and works just fine

The pro version doesn't work at all

Not working after upgrading to the pro version

I don't need to refund this app

Text is cut off and there's no option to scroll more to see it

Keeps repeating itself

Stops working on many other devives i have though


What the app can do :- 1) Notification reading. (jellybean(4.3) and above) 2) Caller name announcement while the phone is ringing. 3) Missed calls announcement if you get a missed call. 4) Text messages reading. 5) Time announcement at user defined intervals. 6) Battery status announcement 7) Device charging states announcement 8) Voice reminders You can customize so that the app shouts only if you are on headset. You can customize to read the message content. You can customize on which apps notification Should be read out. . This app will not show ads. This app doesn't use internet. highly optimized so it wont slowdown your device. Please mail me with your custom feature request and feedback. I will try to implement it. TAGS( caller name, announcer, speaker, shouter ,missed call detector, Time reader, Battery status reader, ) Feel free to try our free version.

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