Simple Comic Viewer

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In short

Simple Comic Viewer is a free reader app for Android made by It helps to make program.


I love the user interface and recent shelf

Best comic reader app or there

Best comic reader app out there

Great reader for cbr files

Great app and would recommend it to any avid comic reader

Simple CBR reader with nice social sharing features

Works flawlessly with heavy cbr files

Thank you for making this program

Nice image capture feature

I think it is the best comic app because it reads zip files too

Image scaling is broken

There's no way to load external storage

No way to get back to the menu

No thanks will try another comic viewer

Keep getting Image Not Found or File is Corrupted error

I just don't like that it cuts wide pages to two

Its literaly nothing please dont bother


Is a simple comic viewer. Function - Tap, Double Tap, Flick, Pinch In/Out - Bookmark - Save the last page - Save recent file - Share - Page split - Grayscale mode - Brightness - Contrast Supported Formats - zip, rar, cbr, cbz, jpg, png, gif, bmp Supported system language - Korean, English

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