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In short

SkyCaddie Mobile: Golf GPS is a free golf app for Android made by Skyhawke Technologies. It helps to deliver great solution.


Is the best holistic Golf GPS App and stat tracker out there

Nathan from tech support got everything working great

It is a vast improvement from any other Golf GPS app I've ever used

Thank you so much for delivering a great solution

Best golf app I've had so far

This is the best mobile golfing app that I have ever seen

Course library is extensive and graphics are great

The maps are hands down the best and I have had no accuracy issues

The course maps are the best hands down

Course recognition great

Now to get a refund from the play store

Quality control has gone downhill

Random times during rounds it deletes all the data

False advertising u must upgrade and pay to get yardage

Even worse trying to get a refund

I think this broke for me in the June update

Now will not purchase any skycaddie product

Stops working before it will load course info

Doesn't use satellite maps

It freezes and I have to reboot the application


SkyCaddie Mobile – The Closest Thing to a Real SkyCaddie! SkyGolf, makers of SkyCaddie, now provides a mobile GPS app utilizing the same ground-verified and error-corrected course maps that made SkyCaddie the #1-Rated and Most Trusted Rangefinder in Golf. Now, golfers who prefer to use their smartphone as their GPS device of choice, or supplement the course information not provided by their GPS watch, or just use it when their trusted SkyCaddie is not available, can benefit from the same high-precision, “best-in-class” course maps that made SkyCaddie the rangefinder trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders combined. SkyGolf takes no shortcuts when it comes to your game. Our trained, professional TrueGround Mappers walk EVERY course on foot, with highly accurate survey-grade GPS equipment to create original course maps that eliminate the known errors contained in all other third-party generated maps from satellite imagery. Every golfer, regardless of skill, deserves to play with accurate distance information and not be saddled with an additional handicap from inaccurate or out of date maps. Basic Features: • Library of over 35 Thousand Courses. Search SkyGolf’s extensive course library to find course ratings, scorecards and other helpful course information such as prices, dress code, and much, much more! • Hole by Hole Scoring. Easily record your round as you play. • Basic Stat Tracking. Track Score, Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation and Putts to analyze performance after a round. • Integrated Camera. Capture highlights and special moments during or after play to relive in the 19th Hole, share with friends or the entire SkyGolf 360 community. • Integrated Notes. Document a great shot, save special memories, or record a helpful strategy to remember or share with the SkyGolf 360 community. Premium Features (In App Upgrade): • Interactive HoleVue in Vivid HD. Provides an eagle’s view of the entire hole and the distances needed to any point from tee to green to avoid hazards and play smart golf. • Integrated Targets. Up to 40 geo-referenced targets per hole are integrated within HoleVue. Simply pinch and zoom HoleVue to seamlessly reveal the critical distances to all hazards, carries and layups — not just a few calculated layup yardages provided in other apps … all without changing screens to a list of targets that are hard to understand. • Detailed Green Information. View the exact shape of the green and get distances to the Front, Center and Back from anywhere on the course regardless of the angle of approach. • Auto-Hole Advance. Stay focused on playing golf and eliminate the distraction of manual hole changes. Just play and let the app automatically advance to the next hole so the distances needed for the next shot are always ready. • Measure Any Shot. Learning the distances of each club makes a better golfer and saves wasted strokes. • SkyGolf 360 Premium Membership. SkyGolf 360 is one of golf’s fastest growing online communities, where golfers stay connected to their game, their courses, their equipment, their pro and each other. As a Premium member, you have access to: o Cloud Storage. View your scores and stats anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand with the SkyGolf 360 companion mobile app. o Advanced Scoring and Stats. Track your game like a Pro with Advanced Stats including Scoring Average, Fairway Percentage, Greens in Regulation Percentage, Putting Average, Scrambling Percentage, Driving Distance, Sand Saves Percentage, Number of Chips, 3-Putt Avoidance, Bounce Back Percentage, plus more! Visit SkyGolf 360 for the full list of Premium stats. o Advanced Reports and Charts. Use the in-depth tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game. o Live Scoring. Share your round with friends and family in real time via SkyGolf 360.

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