SONGily Pro (Beta)

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In short

SONGily Pro (Beta) is a free music downloader app for Android made by SONGily. It helps to download music.


This was the best music downloader app in the world

This awsome for your youtube channel to download music

Best music downloader

It's the most greatest music app ever

Thank you so much for the music downloader I love back

This is the best music downloader ever

Best mp3 downloader so far thanks guys keep up the good work

Great really good and helps with my YouTube channel

It Finds Many Songs And Downloads Them Fast

Keep up the good work

Wtf happened to the old one

To many ads and it is just over all bad


SONGily Pro is an advanced version of SONGily, but it is still in Beta phase so it may have some bugs, If you find any bug in this App kindly mail us, we will be happy to solve it. If this app doesn't work on your device, then you can switch back to SONGily v2.1.0. Older & Stable version of SONGily is available on our website What's new All the features of SONGily v2.1.0 More Accurate Search Results. Background Playback. Background File Transfer. Inbuilt DM & File History. Ability to stop current File Transfer. Separate Video Converter. Hardware Encoding of media. Material Design....... Note: • If you are facing problems, then Read "Help & About > FAQ"within the app, this maybe be helpful. Otherwise, send mail about that bug to our Email-id.

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