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In short

Spending Tracker is a free Android working app developed by MH Riley Ltd. This is a good app to track spending.


Fantastic app for easily tracking expenses against a set budget

Other than that syncing devices and working speed is excellant

Nice option to customize things

Helps me see my savings and spending in a cute chalk board detail

Really helps me stay on track

Easy way to track expenses

Great simple tool to track spending

Very helpful for my daily expense records

Woww its great to track ur monthly saving

It works great and helps us stay on budget

Tried many money manager app

There is no way to operate this app if one forgets the passcode

I'm not able to delete an account and I sent an email

App stopped updating front Spending screen

Every time I spend it takes less than 25 seconds to log the expense

I'm sick I've invested money and time into this worthless app

Why does month start date has option only from 1 to 28

I've wasted so much time on this frustrating app

I am not able to see month wise report in Android

Besides manually deleting all my past transactions


Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly expense manager app in the store. The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY. So download it for free, enter your expense and income, and have instant control over your spending! "Amazingly easy, and a great way to manage and keep track of your expenses""...I'm already spending less and saving more!""A genuine money saver and simply the best manager for your finances"Features --------------- Simple and intuitive user interface - helps you track your spending quickly and easily - super fast expense entry Special design layout for tablets - optimal use of larger screen size makes it even better for managing your money Flexible Time Periods - choose to track Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Budget Mode - optionally set a fixed budget amount to help you meet your spending targets - carry over any remaining budget to the next month or week Summary View - overview of your current spending progress - time travel backwards and forwards in time - see your main areas of spending Log Expense and Income - easy and quick transaction entry - sort by date, name or amount - repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly - export transactions to CSV for use in a spreadsheet - export transactions to PDF for viewing and printing (Pro Upgrade required) Multiple Accounts - create separate personal, business and savings accounts for example - switch between accounts, or view transactions for all accounts Reports - easy visualisation of where your money goes - beautiful and interactive charts - view spending grouped by category - see the history of your spending Categories - editable expense and income categories - choose a quality icon for each category Widget - put the widget on your home screen for easy access - show account summary - quick add buttons Local Tips - optionally receive tips when you enter participating local venues - this could include money saving offers - requires location and bluetooth permissions Backups - keep your data safe by backing up to Dropbox - the auto backups feature will take care of it for you Syncing (Pro Upgrade required) - automatically sync your data to other Android devices - you can also sync to iOS and Windows versions of Spending Tracker which will require a separate upgrade on these platforms Permissions Explained -------------------------------- - Location and Bluetooth is required to provide the 'Local Tips' feature - Photos/Media/Files is required to write the CSV and PDF export files to the SD card - WiFi is required for various things including the Backups and Dropbox Sync features - Identity is required to access certain Google services such as allowing you to '+1' the app Some of these permissions can be configured after installation via the Settings app.

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