Sprinkle Junior

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In short

Sprinkle Junior is an app for Android made by Mediocre. This is a great app for young kids. It helps to distract kids.


My 3 years old loves playing this game as well as sprinkle islands

Perfect to distract kids on a long journey

Great game for young kids

3 year old nephew loves it

My 3 yr old nephew loves this game

Great game to keep young children busy

Excellent way to keep her busy when stuck in traffic

Keeps kids entertained in those time you need to keep them occupied

This is really fun cute game only please add more please please

But even my 2 year old loves this game


"Kids will have a good time with Sprinkle Junior"- [Family Friendly Gaming] "A streamlined version perfect for the little tykes"- [Jay is Games] "Sprinkle Junior is an excellent sampler of the gameplay directed towards kids"- [Softonic] A water-physics based playground for young children to play with! The Junior version of Sprinkle lets kids splash an unlimited amount of water in a variety of fun and playful environments! Unlike its senior, Sprinkle Junior is all about playing around and having fun, rather than solving tricky puzzles and fighting against the clock. Sprinkle is enjoyed by over three million people across the planet, don't miss out on this special version designed for our youngest earthlings. Using some of the most realistic water physics seen on an Android device yet, Sprinkle Junior is full of splashy surprises and entertaining environments. Sprinkle Junior features: * Incredibly realistic and fascinating water physics * Intuitive touch controls * 22 unique and creative levels * Blocks, boulders and contraptions Sprinkle Junior is completely free from in app purchases, parents can let their kids play without needing to worry about additional costs.

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