Squire - Character Manager Pro

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In short

Squire - Character Manager Pro is an Android app developed by Shane Herd. This is a good app to manage 5e characters.


Fantastic and clean user interface

This app saves me hours of record keeping and inventory management

Great app for managing my 5e characters

But most have come to realize how easy the app makes things

Really useful for managing a character

Can't fault though I would love the ability to add features

This app is great for the character inventory aspect of things

Love being able to create magical items

I'm happy to support the developer

I was really happy to buy the app and support the developer

Can't recommend this enough if you're a DnD player


Imagine you had just escaped from a prison cell. You have no armor and no weapons (now take time to recalculate your AC and attack roles). You bare-hand fight your way through the guards to the armory and you get all of your gear back. You put your armor back on and equip your trusty weapon (take the time to recalculate your AC and attack roles AGAIN). Now you’re on your way trying to get out of the prison and you go through a series of encounters, each of which you have used different spells or shot your weapons multiple times. You’re finally at the front door and the main boss is blocking your way. You engage him and just as you are about to attack, you can’t remember if you’ve already used all of your spell slots or if you’ve shot all of your arrows. This app is designed for role playing games which requires a lot of different calculations to be made for each attack, skill check, and defense. A lot of work goes into maintaining your character sheet. This app does a lot of the work for you. With this app you can: - Create multiple characters - Use multiple classes for a single character - Create new weapons, armor and gear - Purchase items that have already been created - Create spells and features - Apply conditions to you character which will automatically apply penalties and benefits - Attack using the equipment you have purchased or spells that you have selected/prepared - Automatically calculate all the modifiers that need to be applied to each roll - Automatically calculate proficiencies - Quickly equip or unequip items and have your stats change automatically - Casting of spells will expend spell slots and taking a long rest will replenish them - Easily level up - Take notes All of these features are the same as the free app. This app has these additional features: - Create magical items Future editions will include the following: - Play as a GM - Create/Control Monsters - Control the initiative order With this app, you will be able to focus more on the game rather than on keeping up to date with all of your characters’ stats. With fewer interruptions, you will be able to feel more like you are actually in the action and will be able to feel what your character is actually going through. You will be able to make better, more realistic decisions that your character would actually make and the game will be more fun because of it. To see a list of the upcoming features, please visit this page: http://squire-character-mangement.azurewebsites.net/Home/UpcomingFeatures

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