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In short

Stock Tracker is a free android app for Android created by Sachin Maheshwari. And this is a perfect way to change alerts.


An awesome app to track and get updates on shares

Simple n handy app for stock n index alert

One of the best stock apps ive ever used

Otherwise it's the best and simplest Android app

Very handy for updates and more up yo date prices than other apps

Thank you so much Sachin for developing this app

Great tool to notify you when symbol is nearing a pre determined zone

Is very helpfull to follow some stocks

Easy to change alerts

But premium is needed for and real use especially for day trading

Useless app without alarm

Maybe an option in the paid version to set alerts under 5min


Tracks your stocks so that you can track beautiful moments of your life. Stock Tracker will help you in tracking the price of stocks you are interested in. Its very easy to use you can quickly add stocks that you want to track, set notification alerts for them and just forget about them. This application will do the tracking work for you and whenever that stocks will reach your selected price it will give you a notification alert. The whole inspiration for this application came to me because I needed it for myself. There were many times when I wanted to buy or sell a stock when it reaches a certain price point. But I’m usually too busy to track the stocks on my own and I cant afford to hire a stock manager. I wanted something that can track the price for me and just notify me when it reaches a certain threshold so that I can buy or sell the stock (and earn big profit :) ). These are the features this application will provide you: * Add stocks of your choice from almost all supported markets. * See the current price of your stocks added by you. * Set alerts on stocks and get notification alerts when your selected stock price goes below or above a defined price. * No effect on battery! * Very simple and easy to use! * No advertisements! How to add stocks? 1. Tap "Add new stock"button to add a new stock in your list. 2. Type the name or symbol of stock you want to add. 3. Tap on search image (magnifying glass). 4. Tap on the name of the stock you want to add. How to add a notification alert? 1. Your added stocks will be available on home screen of the app. 2. On the home screen tap the stock for which you want to be notified. 3. On the next screen configure the notification price. You can set above price notification and below price notification. 4. Tap save. How to configure notification frequency? 1. Open options menu in home screen of the app. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Here you can change the frequency of the notification.

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