TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner

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In short

TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner is a free Android super app from Appest Inc. It is a great way to schedule assignments.


Best app for to do lists and tasks

Worth the small price to get calendar integration

Best app for daily task management

This is a nice to do list

Finally a list app with easily customisable recurring tasks

This app allows multiple to do lists

It syncs flawlessly with chrome extension

Scrollable widget on my phone homesreen works like a charm

Super app for both smart phones and desktop

Awesome tool to boost your productivity

Does not show or update tasks

I've seen poor calendar integration

This LAME APP says the tasks I created online are complete

I do not like the subscription approach

Don't like the subscription idea

The record function stopped working

No way to remove location from reminder

So I sent a nasty email to the dev

Are you going to fix this shortly

I want to use this app so badly


TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list & task management app which helps you make schedules, manage time and keep life organized for work, home and everywhere else. Whether you need to capture what's on your mind, list stuff you need to work on, share shopping list with family, collaborate with colleagues, or decide to achieve personal goals, , TickTick is here to help you make the most of your time and get things done. Easy to use TickTick is easy to get started with its intuitive design and personalized features. Add tasks and reminders in mere seconds and then focus on important work. Sync tasks across your devices Your tasks will sync within cloud so that you can view and manage your tasks wherever you are. Quickly create tasks Add tasks by voice input or typing. With Smart Date Parsing available, date and time info will be automatically set as due date and reminder. Keep as productive as you can! Instant reminders Always have tons of to-dos? There's no need to keep all those things in mind! Just put them to TckTick and it'll remember everything for you and give you instant reminders. Set multiple reminders for important tasks and never miss any deadline! Sleek calendar Get a clear overview for your plans week or month ahead in calendar. Want to be more specific? Then try 3 Day view to check and adjust schedules according to timeline. Third-party calendars can also be integrated, such as Google calendar, Outlook calendar etc. Handy Widget Get easy access to your tasks by adding widget to your homescreen. There are various sizes and types, choose one based on your preference. Flexible repeat Set repeat for tasks that need to be done regularly. Choose repeat like daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly on someday.. More amazing, you can customize repeat like: online course every 2 weeks from Monday to Thursday, project meeting every 2 months on the first Monday. Keep your tasks organized Classify your tasks with lists, folders and tags. Break main task into checklists. Prioritize tasks and focus on the what really matters. Sort tasks by date, priority, title. Attach photos, records and other attachments to your tasks. Swipe a task to quickly edit. Long press to batch edit tasks. Seamless collaboration Share lists, assign tasks to collaborate with colleagues, friends or family. Spend less time in meetings, phone calls or Email and improve collaboration efficiency. Boost your productivity with TickTick Pro Exquisite themes for your personality Custom Smart List (filter to create your own Smart List) Grid view of calendar Unlimited Plan (plan your day whenever you need) More lists & tasks (299 lists, 999 tasks in each list, 199 subtasks in each task) Add up to 5 reminders to each task Share a task list up to 19 members for more efficient project collaboration Upload up to 99 attachments every day Coexistence of checklists and description Subscribe calendars in TickTick We are asking for permissions to access contacts, phone status, NFC & location on your phone in order to offer related features. Learn more about TickTick at: Connect with us at: Facebook:, Twitter:

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