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In short

Timesheet - Time Tracker is a free time tracking app for Android made by Florian Rauscha e.U. It helps to track billable hours.


Great app for tracking time for multiple projects

Great app for tracking my time

This app allows me to keep track of my time and others time with ease

It is the best Time Tracking App I've used

I work as a consultant and it's invaluable for tracking my work time

Very useful app for managing time for small projects

Pretty good time tracker

Best app for tracking hours and overtime I have ever found

This app is great for tracking billable hours in a small business

Very useful for tracking project hours

It is not designed for personal time tracking

Delays in screen refresh when starting the timer

It has become very slow to respond to actions


Timesheet allows you the recording of your working hours with a simple push of a button. You can easily add breaks, expenses and notes. Manage your projects and export your data to Microsoft Excel (XLS, CSV). Clear overviews and statistics will give you the best working experience. Easy Backup / Restore to SD-Card or Dropbox/Drive! Cloud Synchronization Enable real-time synchronization to use Timesheet on multiple devices and on your desktop! Track your working hours even better with the web-application on Features - Time Tracking - Project Management - Track Expenses, Notes and Coffee Breaks - Excel Export (XLS, CSV) - Location-Based Tracking - Dropbox/Drive Backup - NFC, Google Calendar Plugin - Widget and Wear Support Feedback Feel free to contact me, or write me your question on twitter or gplus. Twitter: Google+ Page: Facebook Page:

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