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In short

TrackChecker Mobile is a free mail tracking app for Android created by MetalSoft. It can be recommended to online buyers. And this is a perfect way to track shipment.


Most accurate and fastest tracking app I have ever used

Best mail tracking app EVER

The best tracking app I've used so far

Very usefull app to track shipment

This is the best package tracking app I've seen so far

Very handy to have all your tracking in one convenient place

Automatic carrier detection has been flawless

Great for tracking numbers from AliExpress like LP6755432577

Very reliable in tracking progress of online shopping shipment

It helps me organize all my packages from China

The Canada and USPS tracking apps are utter trash

Aramex tracking is way unstable

It's not getting any tracking info except for the type of service

Why do you have to subscribe to make ads go away

Don't waist your time with that other crap


TrackChecker Mobile - is the most versatile application for tracking parcels, mails, orders from online stores by their track numbers. The App supports more than 570 different postal and courier services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France, China, Singapore, etc. (Over 200 countries). In TrackChecker Mobile you can track an unlimited number of parcels and receive notifications of new events. You can set your own frequency of event’s update for your tracks. You can track the parcel on several postal services (up to 10 for one track number). Main features: - Manual and automatic update of track’s status for multiple post services at the same time. - Counting the number of days "on the way", and color highlights depending on the number of days (for not to miss the opening of the dispute) - Notification about new events with vibration sound light modes and the silence period - Support of various sorting modes and filters of the track’s list - Support of data input using a barcode scanner (in the presence of camera and installed extra application) - Export Import of tracks tofrom the PC version. Enjoy use of TrackChecker Mobile. Comments, suggestions and proposals submit to, as well as at forum Write and like us on Facebook: I would like to thank Andrew, the developer of the first version of the program, for giving me the opportunity to continue the work that he initiated, but unfortunately abandoned. Also, I am grateful to all users and beta testers of the second version of the program, who supported me all the time, while I was engaged in the development of the program. P.S. Want to join the community of beta testers and get the latest build before the other members of the program? Welcome to the community of beta testers in Google+ Tags: sending, track, mail, tracking, purchase, letter, parcel.

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