Train Conductor 2: USA

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In short

Train Conductor 2: USA is an Android fun game developed by The Voxel Agents. This is a good app to pass time.


This is a lovely game and very addictive

Fun game and addictive

More from Voxel Agents Really enjoyable

A concentration game with great graphics and enjoyable gameplay

Great way to pass the time

Strategy with time management

Makes goals achievable

One of the best train games

Thanks for such a wonderful game

A really relaxing game


Train Conductor is a maddeningly addictive arcade game that demands a lot of the player. It blends physical dexterity, logical puzzle solving and micro-strategy unlike anything else. It's all about managing the flow of trains through the train yard, staying focused and being on top of it all. With the swipe of a finger direct trains barrelling through famous American locations, including Miami Beach, the Grand Canyon, Nashville, Las Vegas and New York City. "Train Conductor 2 is addicting, chaotic fun"-- Gizmodo.com "It's devilish fun and absolutely deserves a go"-- AppsZoom.com "Gameplay is excellent and surprisingly deep for such a simple game."-- Famigo.com "Train Conductor 2: USA is a must-own game"-- DiyGamer.com FAMOUS AMERICAN LOCATIONS Each location challenges you with a unique twist on the award winning gameplay "It's like 8 games in one!"-- and you won't put it down! Visit New York City, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Roswell, Miami Beach, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago and more... FUN FOR THE LONG HAUL! Huge variety of fun challenges with two modes for each location International leaderboards, weekly leaderboards and friends leaderboards Share the game on one device with multiple player accounts Custom designed for smartphone and tablet New to Train Conductor? Get your Conductor License in the Trainyard - it's that simple! THIS IS NO SIMULATION - JUST SUPER FUN! Watch out, it's incredibly addictive! --- CUSTOMER SUPPORT HOTLINE --- * If you have any troubles, please contact us immediately and we’ll solve it personally. Please contact us before leaving a bad review - we’d much rather solve your problem!! Email us at support@thevoxelagents.com Thank you from The Voxel Agents! <3

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