Veri - Share your photos & videos automatically

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In short

Veri - Share your photos & videos automatically is a free app for Android made by The Knot. It helps to collect photos.


This app made collecting photos from our guests so incredibly easy

This is a marvelous way to collect memories for a special event

Really good way of collecting photos from many participants

Loved seeing our event from all our guests perspective

Its definitely worth the price to get all those priceless pictures

Great way to share the event photos and videos

Awesome to see every guest pictures

It was my daughters suggestion to use Veri at her wedding

It's so cool to see others photos from strangers at the same event

One of the best wedding choices I made

Does NOT prompt for permissions requests

Really complicated to get guests signed up

Because of poor default settings

Inviting on app or online didnt work

We had a two day wedding in the middle of nowhere with no service

Ruined what should've been a relatively stress free experience

It was also really difficult to get people to use the app

Asks for excessive permissions


Getting married? Having a Party? Automatically get all the photos and videos your guests take with their normal ANDROID camera! No uploading, no tagging, no separate camera apps! Simply create an event, invite guests via phone number or email, and Veri does the rest. As soon as the event starts - Veri automatically shares the photos and videos your guests take with their Android camera - as they take them! Why Use Veri? + GET ALL YOUR GUEST’S PHOTOS & VIDEOS - At the average wedding, guests will take 2000 photos - you will never see. Veri’s auto share technology automatically shares EVERY photo and video guests take as they take them! + NO TAGGING, UPLOADING, OR SEPARATE CAMERA APPS - Guests use their normal Android camera. Photos & videos are instantly auto-shared to everyone! + FULL RESOLUTION PHOTOS & FULL LENGTH VIDEOS - Everyone can download any or all of the photos and videos in full resolution! + INSTANTLY - No waiting weeks for your photographer to send photos. With Veri photos & Videos are shared instantly to you and your guests! + PHOTOS & VIDEOS FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS - Even relatives who couldn’t attend can follow along in real time! + BEAUTIFUL WEB ALBUM - Everyone can see, download and share all the photos in the app or in the beautiful web album Veri automatically creates. What our users say: “Veri is a must have for every event/trip shared moments! We used it twice. For our friends' wedding and for our wedding. So glad we had it! It was so much fun having real time our friends shots and moments. It was like living our event from everyone's perspective!” “We literally have pictures with everyone who came to our wedding thanks to this app. I highly recommend using this if you are having a wedding or any event you want lots of pictures for. Loved having this!!” "Made sharing wedding photos so easy. Perfect for special days. Loved it." Have questions, qualms, or feedback? Email us anytime at We read and reply to every email. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. However we only run the GPS when you’re sharing at an event.

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